Create one of a kind custom name card from us. If ready template is not your cup of tea, you are at the right place.

Unqiue Features

Know more than ordinary art card, spot UV and round corner. If you think you deserve more uniqueness, open your eyes on our wide range of features.

Long Term Asset

Do it right for your signature identity that represents your social status and achievements. We know how to make it an asset.

Branding Identity

Getting the right candidate to represent a brand well is not easy, but name card sure talks on your brand image. Think twice, before giving out your “info driven” cards.

Personal Image

How presentable you are not only lies on your attire and deportment, the moment you hand your name card, that is your brand!

Shape Variations

Explore different shapes of name card that you have never thought you could have one. Stand out with either your custom or our ready made shapes!

Paper Materials

Do you know you can choose your desired card material? It gives a better branding value to your company and yourself. See the different categories we have for you!

Finishing Choices

There are a lot more finishing type than the normal matt, gloss or spot UV. Don’t restrict your creativity with these limited options. Explore what we have here!

Featured Portfolio Projects

Creativity within Practicality

Welcome on board our journey to the world of name card design! Browse through different categories under our projects to get thorough understanding of each subjects.
We are here to lead you through these mind blowing experiences!

  • Lucky Ruby Casino & Resort

    Lucky Ruby Casino & Resort

    Semi transparent PVC card with white base printing

  • Huat Key

    Huat Key

    600gsm cotton paper letterpress with paint edge

  • The Vault KL

    The Vault KL

    450gsm premium black card with foil stamping & edge painting

  • Absolute Thai

    Absolute Thai

    480gsm card with full page printing

  • Sofia Lee Fine Jewellery

    Sofia Lee Fine Jewellery

    360gsm light textured card with foil stamping


Our services & skills


IBE was established in June 2012, specializing in providing all sorts of print design and materials, ranging from logo, name card design, brochure, bunting, poster, corporate profile booklet and more. Our creative artist have more than 10 years experience in corporate identity design. Our objective is to provide the best design possible for you.

With our professional name card design team, we set ourselves apart from competitors by providing a wide range of paper materials and professional advise on finishing, which allow clients to have more choices and save time without needed to search for the right paper themselves.


We are the expert in name card making, from design to final product, we know what are the do’s and don’ts. It is easy to get design done anywhere, but no designer knows exactly and especially the types of printing method available, the limitations, how a material goes along with a particular finishing and the best matching results. We are talking about special or premium name card here, we are the professional designer, name card consultant and printer, all under one roof.

Name card design and production is one of the section we divided to put focus on, meanwhile we operate all offset, inkjet and digital printing. Other than name card design and printing, we do printing from one basic flyer to a large scale backdrop. Find out all of other services we provide under “other area of services”.


We always design taking into consideration paper material and finishing. This is to ensure there will be no technical issue occur when comes to production due to the type of design. These situations are not often seen because it only apply on premium name card, where we are dealing with different paper quality and unique finishing type.

Being in the creative design industry, we involve in all types of design not limited to name card design only, such as logo, company profile, brochure, posters and etc.

We are a printing and production company, we provide services not limited to:
  1. Professional Graphic Design;

  2. Custom Making of Wedding Card Design;

  3. Offset, Inkjet, Digital Printing;

  4. Product Stickers and Labels;

  5. Brochure, Booklet, Menu, Folder, Bunting, Backdrop, Booth counter, Pop Up System, Wobbler, Standee, Banner etc;

  6. Acrylic Sign and Other Custom Made Acrylic Products;



Keep an eye on our monthly offers given on printing with different types of name card materials.

You have only 3 seconds

9 out of 10 people spend less than 3 seconds looking at a business card. Many of us just put aside after one look or worst dump into the rubbish bin.