material - multi-layered name card

The international premier standard

It is a norm in overseas to present duplex or triplex name card due to its greater image value and standard. Be in par with international standard with Multi-layered name card, by mix and matching from Upper Class and our selected coloured materials to create name card in multiple layers.

Create one of below combinations:
• Turn Upper Class into 600gsm (Duplex)
• Turn same/different coloured card into 540gsm (Duplex)
• Match Upper Class with coloured card into 570gsm (Duplex)
• Coloured card sandwiched between 2 Upper Class card or a different coloured card into 850gsm (Triplex)

Multi-layered Details

Thickness• >540gsm
ShapeRectangular or square only
Feature• Uncoated surface to write on
Add On Finishing• Edge Gilding
• Hot Stamping
• Debossing
Minimum Order600 pieces
material - multi-layered name card breakdown

Adorn with Add-ons

Do you know that you can have all these 3 finishing on your Multi-layered name card?