finishing - deboss name card

A great effect for thick cards with hot stamping

Debossed printing is a process to create recessed relief images on a name card, a sunken in image against a card surface. The result is best with hot stamping, resulting in a beautiful recessed image coated with reflective foil colour on a thick card.

Since deboss is done after printing, this separate process inevitably leads to slight offset between both, hence it is not appropriate for small texts but more suitable for larger image like a logo.

Suitable on card at least 500gsm, thicker the card deeper the indentation can be achieved. Unlike embossed printing that comes in pair with deboss, debossed printing alone leaves no trace on reverse side, not interfering with your back contents.

Applicable on:
• Premier Layered name card only

Minimum order quantity: 600 pieces.

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Deboss Name Card
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