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Name Cards in Malaysia

Even though many things are moving into paperless, physical name card is still crucial to carry out daily business networking. If you are looking to make an outstanding name card that can differentiate yourself from others, we are here to help you cease this key marketing opportunity.

Many SME owners order their name card with low-priced printing, often they don’t realize the importance of setting a higher standard from the mass public as a spokesperson of their company. Having your own design is great, but however brilliant your design is, the result is no more than ordinary on an average paper quality, that is of inferior weight, overused and flooded over the market.

A simple design with 2 types of material
A simple design with 2 types of material

Complicated design doesn’t necessarily means a good design, a simple design however, can look fantastic and classy when printed on quality paper materials. Having said that, although it is fundamental to have a great name card design, opting special card materials with special finishing will immediately elevate your business image, grasp attention instantly and work more effectively. Isn’t that the result you as the key person of the company wants to generate from the moment you hand out your name card? Understanding that these premium name cards are made especially to be handed out to your specific valuable clients or people with high social status only, to show your status and respect.

With years of experience, we have helped advertising agencies and corporate employers to produce quality name cards and also other printing collaterals.

How we can work with you

if you already have your own design, just need a great printing solution

we can give advise on the suitable paper materials and add on finishes. Under certain instance where your planned specifications doesn’t work out, we will let you know why it isn’t practical from production point of view, and advise on alternate methods subsequently.
IBE name card#3
IBE name card#2

if you plan to design your own name card and get them printed with us

We can provide advise on what are the dos and don’ts and common pitfalls as a guide for you.

if you are looking to get our team to design for you

Last but not least, if you are looking to get our team to design for you, this is where our creativity and practicality come into work, in producing a design that is creative within the constrains and practical within creativity.
IBE name card#1

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Creativity within Practicality. We are here to lead you through these mind blowing experiences!

How to Get Started with Us

Before even we get started, there are 2 key components you need to finalize and get ready:

• Logo

• Color Scheme

Both logo and color scheme are crucial elements for branding. These 2 elements play important roles in influencing the design layout and identity, becoming the big parts in forming a name card.

Design is a subjective matter, you are encouraged to search online for few samples of design that you like and is the kind of result you wanting to get. With these references given, our team will have clear direction and on-track for your design.

Please contact us for name card design pricing. Below are information needed from you:

  • Name – A name that you prefer on your card
  • Company name – Together with company registration number. Except for personal brands, where your name is your company name.
  • Designation – With or without, it is up to you. In common way, always include your job title, to remind card holder who you are, and what you do.
  • Hand-phone number – Though may not be compulsory for certain individuals which phone is not the preferred contact method
  • Email – The new norm of communications, everyone should have one.
  • Website – An invitation for visits, it’s good to have one. It’s okay if you don’t have.
  • Social media – Include links if they are relevant to your business.
  • Address – A necessity unless you don’t need to draw customers into your office, retail or store location.
  • Office number – Include if you have a team with you
  • QR code – A viable shortcut you might want to consider to have to transferring whatever data you desire.
  • Slogan – Completely optional, a slogan helps with brand identity and adds a little personality.
Name Card Design Inquiry
Drop us a message on any of your design and printing inquiry
please let us have more detail on your inquiry and business nature