Sometimes, name card design can be tough having to crammed in whole lot of information including logo, company title, name, personal contact details and address. With our help on the design, we will layout segments accordingly in a way that will lead a holder’s eyes towards browsing every part of your business card information.


Colour plays an important role in name card design. It is one of the most instantaneous method among all forms of non-verbal communication on conveying messages. Human’s reaction on colours are subliminal, they appeal to us on subconscious level where holders are unaware of the indirect persuasive effects of colours.

Different colours carry different emotions and meanings, we will carefully choose a colour or combination according to the nature of your business. For instance, black symbolizes power, wealth and sophistication; while blue gives a feeling of trust worthy, realiability, confidence and peace. Using the wrong colour yourself designing on your own may not create value for your name card with marketing sense.


Different fonts show different characteristics. Picking the correct font that is able to represents you and your business can make your name card more memorable.

Font size on the other hand will also have subtle effect on a name card. We will play carefully with the font and size to make them work for you.


Shape of a name card can vary from square, rectangular, round to dynamic die-cut cards, according to what that is suitable for your business and your own preference. Sharp corners card more to representing a structured corporate person; a rounded corner card portrays a soft and gentle feature in a person.

Name card with embossed or spot uv (spot gloss) on words or pictures give highlight to key areas of business card and hold your potential client’s attention a little longer on your name card.

While being unique in shape comes with a much more expensive name card printing cost.


Selecting the correct name card material is never easy. Sense of touch is another part of communication design. Different paper materials give different sense of touch and create different impression on the way you present your business.

For instance, matte card displays a traditional feel which is more suitable for corporate use; Gloss card brings out the brightness in colours and offers a shiny finish but doesn’t allow others to write on it; laminated cards give professional sophisticated look, and is good to prevent smudging of inks. Every material has its pros and cons. We will help you tailor the choice of material for your business card.

Thickness of a card can also say something about you. Thick business card gives an impression of strength and dependable, but not necessarily always if the quality is inferior. Having too thick a business card can also be troublesome to carry around.