Why design of your name card is important

Do you not know the fact that our business card is a “silent salesperson” that can helps usgenerate sales? It is crucial for you as a businessman to notice the importance of leveraging the power of name card design to your marketing advantage.It is a physical connection and bond between you or your business and your customers. We wouldn’t want to miss any opportunities to get people to keep in mind who we are and whatour business is about.

We have ONLY 3 seconds to grab people’s attention

Never know the skill of designing can greatly influence the effectiveness and impact of your name card? Name card is one of the most cost effective marketing tools. Yet, many of them fail to make great impression, and are often more of missed opportunities. 9 out of 10 people spend less than 3 seconds looking at a business card. Many of us just put aside after one look or worst dump into the rubbish bin.

Capture holder’s interest is NEVER an easy task

The main reason simply is because your name card do not stand out among others that your customers might be getting to receive tons of them weekly or even daily. At the same time, it may not well present your business, or worst mislead people into thinking it was about other kinds of business with the wrong first impression. Do not let the design being the reason you loose a business opportunity.

To have name card design that captures the holder’s eyes in 3 seconds requires knowledge not solely in design but knowing the key in turning a normal piece of paper into something that creates impact.