• blind deboss name card

    blind deboss name card

  • blind emboss name card

    blind emboss name card

Finishing Type:

Emboss / Deboss

Paper Stocks:

Cards below 350gsm


Embossing and debossing is a process of pressing with a metal die to create raised or recessed relief effect on an image. This process will have both emboss and deboss outcome at the same time, i.e if emboss, it will leave the reverse image indented (deboss) on the back of the card, vice versa, so make sure you do not have any content or graphics at the reverse back of the emboss area if you don’t want them to overlap each other.

You can either choose to emboss on a printed area, or on blank space. Depending on how you want to play with the graphics, both produces great end results.

If you are looking for a deboss impression that will not affect the reverse side (surface remains flat), it will be letterpress that comes into play.