A new mobile marketing tool is here!

Name Card today serves a completely different function then from the past. It is now a new mobile marketing tool with NFC technology.

While name card is used to share primarily contact information, some people prefer to stuff in as much information as they can. In reality, it doesn’t look good and professional, and if they do so, their name card will look horribly messy. With NFC-equipped name card, you are now able to share all your information such as your website, social media profiles or even a road map to your shop location, electronically and automatically, with just tapping on your NFC name card with an NFC-enabled smart phone, while keeping your card design nice and clean.

You can modify your data stored anytime to cater to different events, purposes or marketing promotions. People can pull out whatever information stored by you.

NFC Name Card Details

ShapeRectangular or square only
Feature• Elite 500gsm material
• Storage capacity of 888 bytes
• Re-writable NFC chip
• Water-proof frosted lamination
Add On Finishing• non
Minimum Orderfrom 10 pieces
NFC Name Card
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